Product News

Basel, 10 August 2015

Jungbunzlauer launches ERYLITE® Bronze

With ERYLITE® and ERYLITE® Stevia Jungbunzlauer is meeting today`s demand for natural and healthy alternatives to white sugar. Both good tasting sweeteners have a calorie content close to zero, offer a natural tag and provide favourable physiological benefits. We are now launching a third product in the sweeteners line: ERYLITE® Bronze, Jungbunzlauer’s natural alternative to brown raw sugar!

ERYLITE® Bronze is a low calorie sugar replacer of mild sweetness with the characteristic bronze colour and smooth taste of brown sugar. It consists of ERYLITE®, a colouring fruit extract and a natural flavour creating its unique taste sensation.
Due to physiological benefits including a glycemic index of zero, a high digestive tolerance as well as tooth-friendliness, ERYLITE® Bronze is the “novel” sweetener that appeals to health-conscious people preferring brown raw over white sugar. The gentle sweetness and the mild flavour combined with bulking properties qualifies ERYLITE® Bronze to open new ways for replacing brown raw sugar without compromising on taste.

Find out more: ERYLITE® Bronze product page.