Press Release

Basel, 21 September 2015

Jungbunzlauer exhibits at SEPAWA Congress 2015

Jungbunzlauer will exhibit for the first time at the SEPAWA Congress, 14-16 October in Fulda, Germany. The 62nd annual event is the largest forum for the detergents, cosmetics and perfumery industry in Europe. Besides the exposition a variety of lectures on scientific research and current innovations will be presented at the “Forum for Innovation”.

Personal and home care markets have seen fundamental changes in consumer behaviour. The original focus on efficiency, handling and price has shifted towards growing awareness regarding sustainability, safety and environmental friendliness. This very trend is reflected in the area of biocides, too. With the BPR, the Biocidal Products Regulation (528/2012), the European Union has created a comprehensive regulatory framework to ensure the protection of health and environment. As a consequence, the use of many traditional biocidal active substances is restricted or even forbidden, and, generally, biocides may only be provided by approved suppliers.

Jungbunzlauer L(+)-lactic acid is a natural product obtained by fermentation of renewable resources. To assess its potential as biocide we performed a range of microbiological experiments. The present results underline the efficacy of pure lactic acid against several bacteria. Further, we see strong synergies with surfactants boosting biocidal performance. This effect opens the door to low dosage, label-friendly anti-bacterial formulations, at the same time safe and efficient.Our product portfolio for detergents and cleaners has been ECOCERT approved for their use in both “natural detergents” and “natural detergents made with organic”.

Find out more about the ECOCERT approval.

We are pleased to invite you to our booth F43 at SEPAWA Congress and European Detergents Conference and discover how our green and safe ingredients can benefit your personal and home care formulations. Don’t miss our presentation at the Forum for Innovation!