Product News

Boston, 07 August 2006

Jungbunzlauer at the IFT Food Expo 2006 in Orlando

Boston, August 7, 2006 The IFT Food Expo is the premier US event for food ingredients and services to the manufacturing food industry. The show brings together suppliers and buyers from all over the world, but especially North and South America.

At this year’s IFT in Orlando, FL, Jungbunzlauer focused on the sustained trends of; low calorie and low sodium foods, glycemic index, bone health and obesity, highlighting on the following products:

Erythritol: a low calorie bulk sweetener with a glycemic index of zero and a high digestive tolerance, which works synergistically with high intensity sweeteners to replace sucrose in a wide range of applications.

Calcium-Lactate-Gluconate: a highly bioavailable calcium salt (calcium content up to 13%) with neutral taste and superior solubility make it a perfect solution for the fortification of clear beverages.

Tricalcium Citrate: with high calcium content (21%), superior bioavailability, low reactivity, and a range of particle sizes available, micronized Tricalcium Citrate is the best calcium source for cloudy beverages, standard grade for yogurt and other dairy applications.

CITROCOAT® - encapsulated Citric Acid: with a broad range of coating materials available, CITROCOAT® products can prevent premature acid reactions, reduce stickiness, and increase the shelf life of many applications where regular citric acid is used.

These products created a great amount of interest across a wide range of applications including:

  • Table top sweeteners using Erythritol based sweetener blends
  • Fruit preparation manufacturers for yogurt and ice cream showing increased interest in using micronized Tricalcium Citrate for smooth texture and low reactivity
  • Cereal manufacturers looking to fortify bakery applications are interested in the bioavailability benefits of organic calcium salts
  • Opportunities for Tripotassium Citrate, Tricalcium Citrate in addition to the well established use of Sodium Diacetate for Listeria control in ready to eat meat applications
  • Glucono-delta-Lactone’s unique acidification and mild flavor profile are being discovered by makers of cheese, meat products, tofu, and fresh vegetable producers
  • The exceptional properties of Xanthan Gum, such as clear solution, salt tolerant, and easy dispersible grades were highlighted to provide new texture solutions

Showcasing a blackberry flavored dry drink mix; Jungbunzlauer demonstrated the synergies and functionality of a few key ingredients that we manufacture. The drink mix contained Erythritol, Calcium Lactate Gluconate 13, and CITROCOAT® N. Erythritol provided mouthfeel and sweetness while masking the bitter aftertaste of the high intensity sweeteners used (Aspartame and Acesulfame potassium). The addition of Calcium Lactate Gluconate 13 highlighted the superior solubility of this unique product, while providing the consumer with 30% of the recommended daily intake of Calcium in a 12 oz clear beverage. Finally, CITROCOAT®N provided the proper acidity while reducing the caking that can occur with extended storage.

Jungbunzlauer is looking forward to an exiting IFT 2007 in Chicago, where our signature yellow bags will once again color the IFT aisles.