Press Release

Port Colborne, 14 May 2002

Junbunzlauer's new citric acid plant on stream

Port Colborne, Canada, May 14, 2002 – Jungbunzlauer celebrates the opening ceremony for its new citric acid plant in Port Colborne.

After 19 months of work construction and start up were completed, allowing the plant to become operational within the budgeted cost and time frame. Port Colborne is now producing citric acid anhydrous.

The inauguration of Port Colborne represents a further decisive milestone in Jungbunzlauer's long and successful history. "Moving closer to customers is essential in an increasing competitive environment. The excellent logistical position of Port Colborne will allow to reach more than 50% of the North American customers within a 500 miles radius" says Stefan Radi, VP Sales at Jungbunzlauer's headquarter in Basel.

Building a new plant from the green field allows the use of the latest production technologies, further enhancing Jungbunzlauer's position as one of the leading producers of citric acid in the world. The new plant's mission is to serve North, Central and South American markets and thereby replacing shipments from Jungbunzlauer's Pernhofen/Austria site - the world's largest citric acid plant. "This is an excellent opportunity to implement some long overdue maintenance and replacement work in Pernhofen" explains Josef Gass, VP Manufacturing.

Jungbunzlauer's Canada Inc. staff has been recruited systematically over the last 2 years. "All 60 employees have gone through a systematic and intensive training period. This is why the plant is now completely operated by the local team" explains Howard Roberts, General Manager of the Canadian facility.

Jungbunzlauer, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, specializes in the production of food ingredients by fermentation. Citric acid is the most widely used acidulant in beverages, candies, ice creams, bakery and other food as well as pharmaceutical products. It finds additional application as an environmentally friendly additive in the detergent and cosmetic industries. Jungbunzlauer currently operates production sites in Pernhofen, Austria, Marckolsheim, France and Ladenburg Germany. Besides citric acid, Jungbunzlauer produces xanthan gum, sodium gluconate, glucono-delta-lactone as well as mineral salts and esters derived from gluconic and citric acid.


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