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Basel, 25 July 2007

HealthyChoices@Jungbunzlauer - Supporting health without losing taste

Recent developments in food legislation force the food industry to prepare for major changes.

The EU Claims Regulation 1924/2006, valid since July 2007, sets new rules for claiming health and nutritional benefits based on nutrient profiles. Every claim on food must be clear, accurate and substantiated. The consumer shall be allowed to identify products with a genuine benefit and to make an informed choice.

In parallel the responsible British Food Authority ‘Food Standard Agency’ (FSA) introduced a new labelling for food in the beginning of 2007 to indicate which food is beneficial for the consumer. The new labelling system is adapted to traffic lights: Red, yellow and green spots point on high, medium or low levels of fat, saturates, salt and sugar in the respective food product.

The new regulations take into account that excess uptake of salt and sugar as well as fat and saturates increases the risk of suffering from various diseases while at the same time specific nutrients such as mineral salts, fibres and vitamins lower this risk, respectively. This will increase the awareness of the consumer and will change the nutritional profile of food.

However note that major changes in the sensory quality of food come upon changes of its composition. Salt and sugar have a great influence on the overall taste quality; furthermore mineral nutrients with a healthy value added have their own taste profile which needs to fit the food.
Since today’s consumers do not accept a compromise on taste in order to obtain a healthy benefit, the key task for food manufacturers is to find ingredients both fitting the new labelling requirements and at the same time having suitable taste profiles.

HealthyChoices@Jungbunzlauer is Jungbunzlauer’s response to the recent developments and the thereof resulting requirements of the food industry offering products for

  • Mineral fortification
  • Sugar replacement
  • Salt substitution

Mineral fortification is one of the top trends in the food industry and especially in functional food to address common deficiencies or specific health benefits with these essential nutrients. Jungbunzlauer Special Salts comprise a unique range of high-purity, neutral tasting organic sources of calcium, magnesium and potassium derived from citric or gluconic acid. These organic mineral salts are supported by the health claims legislation world-wide, due to their effectiveness when used for fortification in human studies. On top of their high bioavailability, specific benefits such as heart health, bone health, muscle health and anti-obesity effect are exploited by the food and pharmaceutical industry for new healthy product concepts.

Sugar is proven to have an influence on obesity and overweight. However, it has a unique taste and sweetness profile which is not easy to mimic but preferred by consumers. Jungbunzlauer’s sugar replacement Erythritol offers a taste profile very close to sugar and allows to create fully flavoured products at a lower calorie level. Erythritol is tooth friendly, offers a very low glycemic index, a high digestive tolerance and a great blendability with other sweeteners.

Cardiovascular illness is nowadays the most important group of disease in the civilised world. Salt and more particular sodium are major contributors to high blood pressure and increase heart disease and strokes. Salt, however, contributes strongly to the taste profile of food products. Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt® allows a significant sodium reduction with a taste profile similar to sodium chloride and does not alter the functional aspects.

HealthyChoices@Jungbunzlauer offers solutions to today’s food trends by providing tasteful ingredients with scientifically founded benefits for healthy products.

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