Press Release

Basel, 30 April 2009

HealthyChoices@Jungbunzlauer at Vitafoods 2009 in Geneva

With a range of health promoting ingredients Jungbunzlauer will present innovative solutions to today’s top health trends:

  • mineral fortification
  • sugar replacement
  • salt substitution

The mineral salts of Jungbunzlauer comprise calcium, magnesium and potassium derived from citric or gluconic acid. At the Vitafoods, zinc citrate will be presented as the latest addition to this unique range of high-purity, neutral tasting organic sources. On top of their high bioavailability, specific benefits such as immune sytem, heart health, muscle health, bone health as well as acid-base balance are exploited for new healthy product concepts.

Jungbunzlauer is the only European manufacturer of erythritol, the first all-natural and zero calorie bulk sweetener. With a taste profile very similar to sugar erythritol allows to create fully flavoured products with the healthy value added. Jungbunzlauer’s sugar replacer is tooth friendly, offers a zero glycemic index, a high digestive tolerance and a great blendability with other sweeteners.

With sub4salt® Jungbunzlauer offers a cutting edge salt substitute that won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for 'Ingredients of the Year 2008'. sub4salt® can help to reduce sodium content in food products by up to 50 per cent without compromising on taste. Besides contributing to a taste profile which is hardly distinguishable from the full-salt variant it also maintains the functionality of salt in the end product.

Visit our stand 119 in hall 1 for more information!