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Basel, 01 July 2008

GdL - the natural way of leavening in bakery products

Chemical leavening systems involve the action of an acid on bicarbonate to release carbon dioxide gas for aeration of a dough or batter during mixing and baking. Typically used acidifiers for leavening are acidic phosphates.

But with the increased request of consumers all over the world for more natural and organic food, phosphates are seen very critical and find less acceptance at consumers. In addition, certain phosphates like sodium aluminum phosphate (SALP) are not allowed for organic food according to USDA regulations.

Jungbunzlauer’s Glucono-delta-Lactone (GdL), an approved food additive for organic products according USDA 7 CFR § 205.605, offers a real and a more natural alternative to phosphates while keeping and even improving product quality.

GdL is the neutral cyclic ester of gluconic acid. It hydrolyses at room temperature and below to an equilibrium mixture of gluconic acid and its delta- and gamma lactones. With increased temperature the hydrolysis will be accelerated. This results in a continuous and well controlled release of carbon dioxide before and during baking.

The crumb of baked goods like muffins can be improved with GdL. The crumb colour is getting lighter and the cell structure may be more homogeneous when replacing phosphates by GdL.

With its typical mild taste, GdL allows the true natural flavour of the baked good to come through. Bitter, soapy and even typical “pyro” taste profiles, caused by the use of acid sodium pyrophosphate (SAPP), don’t occur when using GdL.

GdL is also a healthier alternative in terms of sodium content, especially compared to acid sodium pyrophosphate (SAPP), one of the most used leavening acids in baked goods. In muffins or cake recipes for example, more than 30% sodium reduction can be achieved using GdL.

In addition, when GdL is overdosed, the shelf life of baked goods can be prolonged through acidification.

These properties of GdL, coupled with its excellent storage stability, make it ideal for use in natural and organic bakery mixes. Recipes for pound cakes, muffins, pancakes and waffles including GdL as a leavening agent are available upon request.

For this and further information, i.e. claims and labelling, please contact or search our website for more information about GdL