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Basel, 24 June 2011

ERYLITE® Stevia - natural sweetening at its best

Sweet stevia plant extracts are currently getting the highest attention throughout the food industry in Europe and North America. With the recent approval in the USA and the expected approval in Europe, the natural high intensity sweetener is the topic no.1 in the industry, promising a new generation of sugar free natural sweetness.

The initial success of stevia extracts, mainly the highly pure Rebaudioside A, is very promising but the different sweetness profile, the aftertaste and the missing bulk, all typical attributes for high intense sweeteners, are limiting the applicability today.

In order to overcome the limitations Jungbunzlauer has developed ERYLITE® Stevia. ERYLITE® Stevia is a unique blend of Rebaudioside A with the natural and likewise, zero calorie bulk sweetener ERYLITE®. ERYLITE® Stevia is the first natural, zero calorie stevia based sweetening system free from flavourings or masking agents.

Fused into an inseparable crystalline structure, ERYLITE® Stevia unites the taste quality, the digestive tolerance and the bulking functionality of ERYLITE® with the sweetening capacity of stevia extracts. The pure natural sweetness and taste coupled with bulk properties is opening the way for stevia use in much more low and zero calorie products.

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