Press Release

Basel, 24 October 2014

50% sodium reduced meat products? It is possible!

In most countries the WHO daily sodium intake recommendations are exceeded by far, what has led to increased awareness of sodium reduced nutrition. The majority of sodium intake comes from processed food, particularly baked goods and processed meat products.

The use of salt has a long tradition in the preparation of meat products. Besides providing taste its main function is preservation because meat is very sensitive to microbial spoilage. Lactates and lactate / diacetate blends are derivatives of lactic acid and constitute a perfect alternative to synthetic preservatives. Lactic acid is an organic acid with antibacterial properties and is made by fermentation - a natural process. Lactic acid is found naturally in the human body as well as in most fermented foods.

Jungbunzlauer potassium lactate and potassium lactate / diacetate blends have been proven to provide excellent antimicrobial function. Moreover they represent a solution for sodium reduction in processed meat products. More than 25% sodium reduction can be achieved by simply switching from sodium to potassium based lactates or lactate blends. In combination with Jungbunzlauer sub4salt® cure a sodium reduction of even more than 50% is possible with no compromise in taste! A recent sensory evaluation has shown the positive impact of Jungbunzlauer potassium lactate and potassium lactate / diacetate blends on the saltiness of the end product without significant impact on the bitterness, resulting in an excellent taste acceptance.

The technical paper is available here: