Comprehensive Personal Care Solutions

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Jungbunzlauer's Comprehensive Personal Care Solutions are setting new standards with Xanthan Gum, a natural and vegan stabiliser and thickener, as well as CITROFOL® Citrate Esters, an organic UV filter solvent. Enhancing personal care products with Zinc Lactate, providing excellent antibacterial properties and skin conditioning, or Lactic Acid, serving as natural preservatives and for pH control.

Addressing market demands for plastic-free and clean label formulations, explore our “Natural skin cream solution” that benefits the environment and harmonises nature and performance.

Jungbunzlauer ingredients are the first choice for anyone who wants the best available product with no compromise in quality, origin, or sustainability. Our product range is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved as well as NATRUE approved.

Learn more at booth no. 1M110 or in the Sustainability Corner.

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Based on years of experience and acquired knowledge, Jungbunzlauer offers a broad spectrum of biodegradable key ingredients of natural origin to a diversified range of industries worldwide.

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