Committed to the future – engaged in sustainability

Throughout Jungbunzlauer’s history the company has sought to make sustainability a keystone of its strategy and successfully developed and adapted to the requirements of a continuously changing economic and social environment.

Today, however, the state of our planet requires a much larger vision regarding our approach to sustainability. Our environment and climate are threatened by pollution and an unsustainable use of resources. As the world population continues to grow at an incredibly fast pace, so will the need for already limited resources and energy. We believe it is necessary for everyone to engage and cooperate with each other in order to address these pressing issues and find solutions that contribute to the preservation of the planet for future generations. One way of doing so is to choose business partners that support this vision.  

As an economic and societal actor Jungbunzlauer is aware of its responsibility towards our clients and employees, environment and society. Driven by our mission “From nature to ingredients®” we strive to serve our clients and markets under the concept of “Better, Faster, Closer.”. As a global leader with brands and products known throughout the world, we aim to address all of our legal, ethical and economic responsibilities, with the result that the end consumers can rely on the high quality of the products they buy. Our mission commits us to the protection of people and their environment and this is why we are engaged in a variety of environmental, economic and social initiatives geared towards sustainability.

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Jungbunzlauer offers environmental, economic and social sustainability. Click on the symbols to find out more.