Sustainable home care and personal care – greener products in new formats

Sustainability is paramount to the future of the personal care and home care industries. High water content negatively affects the carbon foot print for transporting these products. Single-use plastic packaging and the usage of harmful and harsh chemicals demands an innovative series of environmental-friendly solutions. To tackle these challenges Jungbunzlauer proudly presents its solutions.

  • Improved tablet hardness and storage stability with Jungbunzlauer functional acids
  • Solid formats for high viscosity products with bio-based hydrocolloid xanthan gum
  • Trisodium citrate anhydrous as multifunctional and biodegradable carrier for liquid actives
  • Excellent reactivity and storage stability with Jungbunzlauer’s effervescent compound CITROCOAT® EP
  • Increased foam stability and reduced water release with xanthan gum
  • Natural preservation support, skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties with zinc lactate

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