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Non-dairy Desserts with TayaGel® Gellan Gum
If you go for non-dairy desserts, your gelling agent can be vegan. Choose TayaGel® HA Gellan gum in combination with low acyl gellan gum to develop a pleasant texture with excellent compatibility with plant proteins.

Vegan Gel Dessert
Getting the perfect gel dessert texture, carrageenan-free and with truly vegan gelling agents is easy when you combine TayaGel® HA Gellan gum with low acyl gellan gum or xanthan gum and other hydrocolloids. A variety of gel textures can be created.

Indulgence without regret: Relax and calm down with our gelatine-free, sugar reduced chocolate mousse. Added minerals are known to support cognitive function and reduce fatigue. Combined with cocoa the minerals help you drive away tension and promote good mood.

Chewing Gum
Sugar free chewing gum with ERYLITE® Erythritol as a natural alternative to xylitol.
The alternative sweetener maintains functionality and familiar sensory properties. ERYLITE® Erythritol is the natural sweetening option to complete the application of natural gum bases.
Oral care benefits are enhanced with addition of zinc salts.
Chocolate & Fudge
Dark chocolate with ERYLITE® Stevia and fibre for an optimised sugar-free chocolate formulation.
Better for you Fudge „with no added sugar” with ERYLITE® Stevia without compromising on taste and texture.
Delicious salty caramel formulation with sub4salt® for Na-reduction.
Powder Candy
Improve stability/shelf life by using CITROCOAT® N.

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