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Novel dosage forms like gummies, jellies, direct-sticks or liquids are gaining importance. They are the ideal platform for the on-the go lifestyle and for people having problems swallowing huge mineral tablets


Jellies - A unique way of consuming supplements!
Jelly supplements are a popular way of consuming minerals and vitamins, especially in Asian countries. Besides supplementation with calcium or magnesium, the tasty jellies provide refreshment and hydration!

Direct sticks - Don’t stick to tablets
Direct sticks are nutritional pixie sticks combining a tingly fruity taste with the health benefits of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium gummies - Tired of taking large calcium pills? 
Calcium fortified gummies combine highly bioavailable calcium in its citrate form with the delicious taste of a nutritional gummy.

A quick shot of minerals
Calcium and magnesium shots allow high dosage levels in a pleasant on the go-format.

Freezer pops - Cool down and replenish
There is nothing better than a cool and refreshing freezer pop on hot summer days. Delicious and rehydrating concepts to replenish the loss of electrolytes or to supplement essential minerals.

Effervescent tablets -  Let it fizz
Tabletting of effervescent tablets made easy with Jungbunzlauer solutions. On top we offer direct compressible grades of magnesium citrate and calcium lactate gluconate that suit this application.

Powder stabilisation made different
We present novel solutions to formulate powder formulations without the usage of silicon dioxide

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