Sustainable ingredients for better-for-you snacks & baked goods

Bake the right way, with healthy and sustainable ingredients from Jungbunzlauer. We offer fermentation based ingredients that help overcome hurdles in the development of clean label, reduced sugar and plant-based snacks and baked goods. Jungbunzlauer ingredients make it easy to create better-for-you snacks that meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Phosphate free leavening agents

We offer innovative and biodegradable solutions to replace inorganic leavening acids like SAPP. Different reaction speeds are duplicated with a combination of microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone and monosodium citrate to create baked goods that meet industry standards.

Creating texture in gluten free bread with Xanthan Gum

With Jungbunzlauer xanthan gum, dough viscosity levels are optimised, resulting in a better proof of the dough and excellent rise during baking. Our xanthan gum helps to produce gluten free breads with improved texture and taste. Additionally, beneficial properties in combination with other hydrocolloids can be achieved.

Shelf life extension of bread with Potassium L(+)-Lactate/Vinegar

Our potassium l(+) lactate/vinegar blend offers an excellent alternative to the preservative calcium propionate in bread. It extends the shelf life of bread while maintaining excellent texture and taste. Another benefit is the cleaner labelling as acidity regulator vs preservative. 

Erythritol in muffins and ketogenic cookies

Sugar reduction is an ongoing consumer trend that also affects the baked goods industry. However, replacing sugar is challenging due to the properties that sucrose exhibits during baking. ERYLITE® Erythritol provides superior benefits for the development of reduced-sugar and ketogenic baked goods and can be combined with allulose for optimal results. 

Chickpea crackers

The snacking trend continues to grow. Jungbunzlauer can help to make nutritious snacks even more functional and healthy by replacing SAPP as leavening acid with glucono-delta-lactone and regular table salt with our sodium-reduced sub4salt®. Our xanthan gum improves the adhesion of herbs and spices on snacks making the seasoning more efficient and tasty.

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