Natural ingredients for Hair Care

Health, wellbeing, environment and sustainability have nowadays a very strong influence on the consumers’ choices for personal care products. Products that guarantee naturalness, clean-label and "free from" are therefore becoming increasingly important in the hair-care sector.

Shampoo meeting consumer trends -
Sulphate-free formulation

We offer ingredients that can be used in shampoos to provide a mild alternative compatible with sulphate-free surfactants, while guaranteeing excellent rheology and flow properties.

Styling hair gel -
Looking to replace synthetic polymers?

We make it possible to replace synthetic polymers with natural ingredients without sacrificing good styling or long-lasting hold, which just shows that robust hairstyling options can be combined with microplastic-free products.

Hair styling curl balm -
Bring your curls to light!

Style your curly or wavy hair without weighing them down by applying a curl balm on an everyday basis. Thanks to our ingredients penetrating the hair and hydrating them, we provide clean-label solutions being polyquats-free to ensure great moisturising and limit unwanted frizz. 

Nourishing shampoo -
Improve your hair manageability

Enjoy a great smoothness hair feeling by using our ingredients in shampoo formulations. Your hair is easily combable, tangle-free and feels very soft, while your scalp gets full moisturising it needs to stay healthy.

Innovative solid shampoo formats -
Powders and tabs

Be inspired by our new solid shampoo providing a good feeling of a sustainable lifestyle as well as richly nourished hair. With its water- and preservative-free formulation, this single-dosage format is a handy travel-friendly option fully addressing consumer concerns regarding environment.

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Our bio-based product portfolio is
ECOCERT and COSMOS certified.

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