Safe and healthy ingredients for meat and poultry processing

Consumers are looking for ways to eat healthier.

Jungbunzlauer offers food manufacturers customised solutions for creating healthier meat products without compromising on taste and functionality.
In order to cater to the top health trends, Jungbunzlauer provides easy-to-use ingredients of natural origin for reducing the sodium and phosphate content of food products, enhancement of safety and shelf-life as well as to colour and flavour improvement.

The majority of Jungbunzlauer products are Non-GMO verified.  

Safety and colour enhancement

with Glucono-delta-Lactone

  • Increased safety and productivity
  • Improved colour
  • Accelerated curing
Shelf life extension

with Potassium Lactate Blends

  • Increased shelf life
  • Excellent savoury taste
  • Clear and «cleaner» labelling
Sodium reduction

with sub4salt® sea salt

  • Significant sodium reduction
  • Pleasant taste
  • Exceptional functionality


Carcass wash

with L(+)-Lactic Acid

  • Efficient reduction of microbial contamination
  • Proven efficacy
  • Safe handling

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