Intimate wash gel – when it comes to particularly gentle cleansing

Intimate wash gels are found in drug stores around the world. But what is the difference between an intimate wash gel and a "normal" shower gel? In an intimate wash, the pH value is optimally adapted to the slightly acidic pH in the genital area, thus protecting the natural milieu while being gentle on sensitive skin.

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Did you know that the microflora of the vulvovaginal zone is dominated by lactic acid bacteria? So what could be more obvious than using two high-quality Jungbunzlauer ingredients, lactic acid and sodium lactate, in such a product?

  • Lactic acid to adapt the products' pH to the acidic environment of the intimate area
  • Sodium lactate to serve as an effective moisturiser and pH stabiliser

With this in mind, Jungbunzlauer developed two different frame formulations for an intimate wash gel:

1. Classic intimate wash

This ‘classic’ intimate wash gel is based on a common, high foaming surfactant system.

The fragrance-free, minimalist formulation with lactic acid and sodium lactate is optimally adjusted to the pH of the intimate area and can be easily thickened.

2. Gentle intimate wash

This is a particularly mild formulation. The fragrance-free, minimalist formula contains a mild surfactant system that supports gentle cleansing. 

Lactic acid and sodium lactate support self preservation in this formulation, therefore no additional preservatives are used, which improves the skin tolerance of the product.


All ingredients in the formula are COSMOS and NATRUE compliant.

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