Infant and child nutrition:
safe, smart, sustainable

Jungbunzlauer is an important manufacturer of value-added products approved for infant and child nutrition globally. We ensure maximum safety to our customers and look out for our little ones.

We offer mineral fortification, sugar, sodium and phosphate reduction, improved stability as well as more sustainable processes. Jungbunzlauer’s organic calcium, magnesium and zinc salts enable easy digestion and high bioavailability as well as formulation flexibility.

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Cost savings for sustainable powder manufacturing

Improved handling and taste of infant formula

  • Improved handling at home: Jungbunzlauer organic mineral salts enable less caking, sedimentation and better solubility
  • Better taste: Jungbunzlauer mineral salts help reduce off-notes like bitterness of products with dairy as well as plant based proteins

Fortification and stabilisation of plant based drinks

  • TayaGel® HA for stabilisation of cocoa and mineral salts
  • Tricalcium citrate with neutral taste for highly bioavailable calcium fortification
  • Protein fortified recipe for US market available

Mineral fortified fruit squeeze and fruit bar

  • Organic mineral salts tricalcium citrate and zinc citrate for better absorption
  • Fortification allows promotion of increased health benefits
  • Application examples for great tasting mineral fortified fruit puree and fruit bar

Healthier baby and children biscuits

  • Phosphate and aluminium free leavening with Jungbunzlauer acids
  • Acrylamide reduction with Jungbunzlauer acids instead of enzymatic treatment no change of production process, applicable for food with organic label
  • Fortification with tricalcium citrate and zinc citrate without impact on taste

Sugar free immune boost syrup with zinc and vitamin C

  • Sugar free, zero calorie and zero glycaemic index
  • ERYLITE® Erythritol masks off-notes from high intensity sweeteners
  • Xanthan gum thickens for improved mouthfeel and suspension of insoluble botanicals
  • Immune boosting with zinc gluconate and vitamin C

Get the article and recipe cards

and learn more about our safe, smart and sustainable solutions for infant and child nutrition.

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Based on years of experience and acquired knowledge, Jungbunzlauer offers a broad spectrum of biodegradable key ingredients of natural origin to a diversified range of industries worldwide.

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