Natural ingredients for innovative formulations in dairy & ice cream

Jungbunzlauer offers sustainably produced, bio-based additives to help you exceed consumer expectations for cleaner labels, while maintaining great flavour and texture. Take advantage of our innovative products and solutions to overcome challenges in dairy & ice cream development.

Fat reduced sliced processed cheese

Jungbunzlauer provides a variety of nutritional value enhancing minerals, including, trisodium citratetripotassium citrate and monosodium citrate, which help in dairy based product formulations. Achieve a pleasant texture and taste for fat reduced sliced processed cheese with our trisodium citrate. The combination with tripotassium citrate allows you to reduce the sodium content as well as a cleaner label by using monosodium citrate without compromising sensory properties.  

Indian paneer cheese with Glucono-delta-Lactone

Paneer cheese is traditionally produced with citric acid. However, by using glucono-delta-lactone as processing aid, yield can be improved significantly without impacting taste and texture. Production cost of paneer can be reduced.  

Pizza cheese (mozzarella style) with Glucono-delta-Lactone

Glucono-delta-lactone is a great alternative to starter cultures for production of industrial pizza cheese (mozzarella style). Achieve massive time savings and get pizza cheese products with constant quality. 

Protein ice cream with Xanthan Gum & TayaGel® Gellan Gum

The art of ice cream stabilisation
Achieve a significantly lower melting rate of your ice cream by using TayaGel®, Jungbunzlauers latest hydrocolloid addition.

Protein ice cream with ERYLITE® Stevia

ERYLITE® Erythritol and the blends with Stevia or Monk Fruit can be used effectively as a sugar replacement in protein-fortified ice creams. They are well suited to the processing conditions and interact with the main structural ingredients in a very similar way to sucrose.

ERYLITE® & Blends provide an excellent taste without persistent lingering aftertaste.

New product: TayaGel® Gellan Gum

Efficient stabilising and suspending agent at very low concentration for dairy and dairy alternative drinks. Jungbunzlauer offers TayaGel®, the highest possible quality of high acyl gellan gum with extraordinary stabilising and gelling properties.
Dissolved in hot water, it offers exceptional stabilising properties even at very low concentration. At higher concentration, it forms gels with a soft, elastic and flexible texture. As natural stabilising and gelling agent, it offers a broad range of applications in beverages and food.  

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