Natural Ingredients to enhance your Dairy & Meat Alternatives

Plant-based foods are gaining more and more importance for a healthy and environmental friendly lifestyle. Jungbunzlauer offers bio-based ingredients and natural solutions for the dairy and meat alternatives industry.

Non-dairy ice cream

Enjoy a full taste ice cream experience and a reduced sugar content which are made possible by our ERYLITE® stevia. Xanthan gum allows you to get a creamy and stable texture throughout the ice cream's shelf life.

Non-dairy cream cheese

Achieve a perfect creaminess for non-dairy cream cheese with our xanthan gum. Our bio-based acids are the right partner when looking for a natural acidification and shelf life improvement.

Non-dairy sliced cheese

Add value to non-dairy sliced cheese by mineral fortification and reduce the sodium content with sub4salt®. Our citric acid and lactic acid are natural solutions for acidification.

Non-dairy yoghurt

Tricalcium citrate and trimagnesium citrate allow highly bioavailable mineral fortification without compromising the taste and texture.

Milk alternatives

Prevent fouling with tricalcium citrate and tripotassium citrate and optimise the taste and mineral profile with sodium gluconate and our mineral salts.

Vegan protein powder

We present solutions to optimise the taste and mouthfeel of vegan protein powders. By using ERYLITE® and our highly bioavailable mineral salts, the vegan protein powder becomes also a natural sugar reduced mineral source.

Vegan burger patties

Enhance food safety and improve shelf life of plant-based burger patties by using our lactate blends. Juicy vegan burger without any compromises on taste and texture.

Silken tofu

Getting the right texture becomes easy with our natural coagulation of silken tofu with glucono-delta-lactone.


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