Jungbunzlauer Solutions for Polymer Processing & Coatings

Addressing the top trends sustainability with bio-based and bio-degradable additives


Plasticising & processing of TPU with CITROFOL® esters, which are non-VOC alternatives and also applicable for medical use

NBR processing with CITROFOL® esters, enable drop in replacement for petrochemical plasticisers and are food contact approved

CITROFOL® esters are odourless and compostable plasticisers, which offer processing advantages for bioplastics

Non-toxic blowing agent monosodium citrate shows decomposition within a narrow temperature range for foamed food packaging  

Stabilising of polyoxymethylene with tricalcium citrate anhydrous

Xanthan gum  is a versatile thickener for water-based paints and coatings, which offers superior stability and rheology

CITROFOL® esters  are odourless and non-VOC alternatives for classical, petrochemical based coalescent agents


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