Sugar taxes drive beverage reformulation – but what about the taste ?

Taxes on sugary drinks build an immense pressure on beverage makers to innovate and make healthier drink concepts available to the consumer. But the sugar substitutes landscape is not changing fast enough to offer new alternatives to sugar. Recent product launches are based on the same known sugar replacers, sweeteners that do not fulfil the consumers expectation on taste.

ERYLITE® (Erythritol) is a fermentation based bulk sweetener with a caloric value of zero. In the European Union it is approved as flavour enhancer for usage in ‘energy reduced’ or ‘with no added sugar’ beverages and may be a great help to the beverages formulators.  ERYLITE® works well in combination with the traditional intense sweeteners. It works best in conjunction with steviolglycosides. Due to its powerful masking and flavour enhancing properties, ERYLITE® helps to create a sugar-like taste and a harmonious and pleasant flavour profile.

ERYLITE® Stevia is a unique blend of ERYLITE® and Rebaudioside A, a highly pure stevia plant extract. It unites the advantages of ERYLITE® with the sweetening capacity of stevia making ERYLITE® Stevia particularly well suited for instant beverage mixes.

Fermentation based flavour enhancement

Ideal for sugar reduced drink concepts

Synergistic with other sweeteners


In the European Union, the use of erythritol in beverages is allowed up to a maximum level of 1.6 %
and as flavour enhancer only. In the USA it can be used as sweetener in beverages up to 3.5 %.

Additional regulatory limits apply for steviol glycosides.