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Consumer consciousness is on the rise

We are focusing more on our health and well-being. Habits and expectations continue to evolve and beverages are more than just refreshment. They need to offer benefits that reflect personal lifestyles.

Concept Drinks

Health concepts are used for the promotion of market products by showcasing health benefits and functional ingredients. Jungbunzlauer's highly bioavailable mineral salts offer various benefits to human health like support for hydration, immunity, fatigue reduction or heart health. Mineral fortification adds value to beverage products and can support health concepts.

Aloe vera drink – Immune boost with zinc gluconate

Coconut water drink – Hydration with potassium and zinc

Beverage powder – Magnesium for sleep support

Trendy drinks

A lot of new trends come along with the ongoing trend of healthy lifestyle beverages. Besides vegan alternatives for milk based drinks also the choice of proteins is getting more important. Another important trend is the demand for fermented drinks to improve gut health and overall well-being. Jungbunzlauer offers solutions for stabilising proteins in beverages, reducing sugar and fortification with minerals without compromising on taste.

Kombucha – Balanced taste with organic acids, mineral fortified and sugar free

Fruity oat drink – TayaGel® HA in low pH protein drinks

Insect protein shake – Jungbunzlauer ingredients in innovative formulations

Taste modulation

Many beverages nowadays contain functional ingredients like proteins or sweeteners to improve the health aspects, reduce calories or claim certain benefits. These ingredients have a positive perception and might influence the buying behaviour. 

However, functional ingredients often come with an unbalanced taste profile or unwanted off-tastes. Jungbunzlauer offers different solutions to reduce these impacts.

    Potassium lactate – Masking of functional ingredients

    Consumer insights

    Jungbunzlauer has performed an online survey to get better insights on the knowledge, preferences and expectations of consumers in regards of mineral fortification in beverages.

    Online survey

    Consumers are getting more conscious about a healthier diet. This includes also the fortification of beverages and health benefits served by minerals. Calciummagnesium and zinc are among the most important minerals for consumers. Jungbunzlauer has looked more into detail on consumer’s perception, preferences and knowledge.

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