Sustainable choices improving agricultural technologies

As a result of continuous observation of market trends and developments, Jungbunzlauer did innovative research which provides sustainable and efficient choices in the agricultural industry.

Rising world population, limited resources and climate change set the challenging environment for all participants of the agricultural sector. The key drivers for the industry are to provide the farmers with high-efficacy and low-impact technologies. In this environment Jungbunzlauer offers ingredients which can help the farmer to make the best use of materials applied.

Each crop starts with a seed. Protecting the seeds from microbiological spoilage during storage can be achieved by using lactic acid for coating. But also xanthan gum can be used here, efficiently helping microbial coatings to stick to the seeds. Once planted, the crop needs to be cared of and hidden hunger must be avoided to achieve best yields. Jungbunzlauer offers different citrates and gluconates, which can be used for foliar fertilisation being crop and environmentally friendly. If there is need for pesticide treatment of the crops, the right pH is crucial for optimal efficacy. The adjustment can be done easily and cost efficiently with trisodium citrate or citric acid. None of these contribute to the nitrogen input and are safe alternatives to substances used today. The way of application is crucial for foliar fertilisation as well as when applying pesticides. Here the use of spray application is the farmer’s favourite. With Jungbunzlauer solutions xanthan gum and CITROFOL® AI there are adjuvants at hand which – when used at the right concentration – reduce the drift of spray, help to maintain the perfect suspension conditions, improve the cling to leaves and wettability of plant tissue, thus making most of the active ingredients.

Jungbunzlauer’s toolbox is perfectly equipped to support advanced technologies with sustainable solutions in the challenging environment of the agricultural industry. 

Micronutrient Fertiliser:

For foliar fertilisation it is important to have efficient and tissue-friendly nutrients. The citric acid salts and gluconic acid salts available from Jungbunzlauer fulfil both criteria and bring along also environmental benefits, being biodegradable and from renewable sources.

Improvement of spray application:

The application of fertilisers or pesticides by spraying technologies is wide spread due to the ease of use. However, safety and efficacy are major topics when it is about becoming an efficient technology also. Topics such as drift control, cling to leaves and suspension stability can be successfully targeted by xanthan gum. When it comes to improving the leaf coverage and moisture retention of aqueous mixtures CITROFOL® AI shows strong benefits. Best performances can be achieved when combining both biodegradable and sustainable products.


pH adjustment and ion control are crucial for the efficacy of pesticides. To make the best use of the active ingredients, the adjustment of pH and water hardness can be achieved in a cost efficient and reliable way by using citric acid or trisodium citrate. Both products are non-toxic, free from nitrogen and readily biodegradable.

Vase life enhancer: 

Used from flower growers to presentees, flower display time enhancers keep the heads of your roses up and pretty. Excellent performance can be achieved by using citric acid in combination with glucose syrup.

Seed treatment:

Taking care of seeds for the next growing season is of high importance. Lactic acid can play an important role in controlling microbiological contamination during the storage of seeds without impeding the germination rate. When the seeds are treated right before sowing, active substances and certain microbes can help to foster the germination. Xanthan gum is the perfect choice to stick and coat those substances to the seeds.

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