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The need for a sustainable agriculture is driven by emerging global regulatory requirements and restrictions, emphasising the importance of protecting both people and the environment while ensuring high productivity. To meet these demands, innovative solutions and ingredients play a crucial role. Jungbunzlauer's bio-based ingredients offer a safe and effective way to address these challenges. The versatile solutions not only contribute to the development of more natural and sustainable agricultural practices but also offer cost-effective alternatives.


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CITROFOL® as tank-mix adjuvant

  • CITROFOL® AI as bio-based and lable-free adjuvant
  • Improving the efficacy of herbicides
  • Gentle on non-target plants

CITROFOL® as carrier liquid in microbial products

  • CITROFOL® AI as non-aqueous, liquid carrier for formulating bacterial and fungal biocontrol and biostimulant agents
  • Excellent shelf-life
  • Protocols for modifying the rheology of CITROFOL®

Liquid fertiliser for fertigation with Tripotassium Citrate

  • Tripotassium citrate for high solubility and fast dissolution
  • Low salt index
  • Effective potassium supply for fertigation

Plant tissue culture growth medium with Xanthan Gum

  • Xanthan gum offers in combination with other hydrocolloids excellent in vitro growth media
  • Provides better rooting and plant development
  • Offers potential for cost saving

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