Salt Substitution

sub4salt® – for tasty low sodium products

In Western diets the current daily salt (sodium chloride) intake adds up to 12 g per day, which is more than double the amount that is said to be healthy. Around 70-80 % of our daily salt intake derives from processed foods. Clinical studies recently carried out in various countries have shown that excess sodium intake increases the chance of developing high blood pressure. This as a consequence increases the risk of suffering from heart disease and stroke.

Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt® was developed to completely substitute sodium chloride in order to reduce the sodium content by 50 %. It has a purely salty taste without any metallic off-flavour. A 1:1 replacement of salt with sub4salt® (use of 2 g sub4salt® instead of 2 g sodium chloride) already provides a 35 % sodium reduction in the product.

sub4salt® supports the trend towards foods with a low or reduced salt content and therefore contributes to healthier nutrition.

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