Sodium Citrate

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General Information

Jungbunzlauer CITROMA® is a new innovative and cost-effective method to reduce the acrylamide content in French fries, other potato products, snacks, cereal and bakery products.

By treating the product with CITROMA®, the acrylamide content can be reduced up to 90 %, especially when the process conditions are not optimal and not strictly controlled. Also because of its stability at high temperature CITROMA® can be used in the wet and dry processing of foods. For the main applications CITROMA® is used in dosage rates between 0,5 - 2 % depending on the product type. CITROMA® may be added to the process in various ways, e.g. via direct addition to the dry mix, to the dough or via a dipping bath or spraying solution.

Besides its ability to reduce the acrylamide formation it can also prevent enzymatic browning e.g. in mashed potatoes or can be used for pH regulation in beverages.

CITROMA®, a special sodium citrate, is a white fine granular and odourless powder with a pleasant, slightly acidic taste profile. It is easily soluble in water (180 g/l) and practically insoluble in ethanol.

Main advantage of CITROMA® is to reduce acrylamide formation without affecting the quality of the end product. The GMO- and allergen-free material has only a minimal effect on the pH levels and no effect on taste at recommended doses levels.


CITROMA® is supplied in accordance with the requirements of the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 231/2012.

The following granulation types are available:

  • Fine Granular

CITROMA® is supplied in polyethylene lined paper bags with 20 kg net weight.

  • White fine granular powder
  • Odourless
  • Pleasent, slightly acidic taste profile
  • Excellent dissolution characteristics in aqueous media
  • Very good flowability and therefore suitable for pneumatic fostering
  • Allergen and GMO free

Main Functions

  •   Acrylamide reduction without changes in taste or product characteristics


  • Bakery
  • Cereals, Snacks

Feed & Pet Food

  • Feed
  • Pet Food
Legal aspects