Safety and Environment

Responsible in operations

Our mission "From nature to ingredients®" commits us to the security and protection of man and his environment. As a consequence Jungbunzlauer products and by-products can be used, transported and disposed of in a secure and ecologically safe way.

  • We assure outstanding product quality through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and comprehensive quality management systems.
  • We aim at a continous improvement of safety, health and environmental standards and performance.
  • We aim at a maximum saving of energy, water, raw material and other sensitive inputs.
  • We strive for an ongoing reduction of waste and for optimal recycling of waste-flows. As much substances as possible shall be converted into useful by-products.

To further strengthen our commitment to the environment we follow the goals and initiatives of the global Responsible Care® program. Thanks to its rigorous policy, our facilities comply with the strictest criteria. We always welcome customer audits; our business partners can thus verify the high standards adhered to in our manufacturing processes.


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